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Greenlaw  Construction's Telecommunications Civil Engineering Services

Greenlaw's work on site and behind the scenes

Greenlaw specialises in civil engineering for mobile telecommunications. Much of our work is the installation, upgrading and decommissioning of compounds for telecoms sites. Find out about the sort of work we undertake on each of our main site types below.

New Build Greenfield Sites

New Compound

A typical new build greenfield telecommunications site will require us to clear and level the land, excavate the new foundation, lay aggregate and install a steel rebar cage and lightning protection. We will install a foundation root for the telecommunications structure being installed. We will then lay concrete and install the required fencing and gating. When the concrete has cured sufficiently, we will install necessary gantries and cable management as well as telecoms cabinets, by hand or with our HIAB-equipped flatbed vehicle, and then tie them into a lightning protection ring.

Upgrading Existing Sites

Upgraded Foundation

An existing site can be upgraded by providing a larger concrete foundation to support a larger new structure. Greenlaw can excavate and decommission an existing base and lay a new foundation or extend the existing foundation.

Streetworks Sites


On a streetworks site, our teams work inside full traffic management to excavate into the roadway, pavement or surrounding land to install root foundations, ducting and cabinets for new telecommunications sites. We take pride in working in concert with TM operatives and local council streetworks teams to ensure the safety for our teams, other professionals and members of the public.

Decommissioning Sites

Site To Be Decommissioned Decomissioned Site

Greenlaw implements partial and full decommissioning of sites where individual pieces of equipment are no longer needed, or the site is no longer in use and the land needs to be restored for the site provider. A full decommission will include removal and disposal as agreed of all existing empty cabinets, removal of concrete bases as needed, as well as removal of all spoil and subsequent restoration of the tarmac or topsoil with grass seed as needed.